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Hi my name is Tehiya

I have always loved the field of art and photography, and from the high school years when I studied film, I continue in this way.

I graduated with honors from Ariel University in film and television and have been working independently since then.

From there I made my way in the field of photography and since then I have realized that I have found my destiny in life!

My love is to connect with people, make them get excited with me and enjoy every moment.

As someone who came from the field of video editing, I realized that my desire is to go out, meet new people and places

And at the end of the day give the extra touch on the computer, to get the perfect result.

The connection with the person standing in front of the lens and the ability to make him feel the best he can is worth everything.

My specialization is photography in natural lighting, family photography, books, image of family events,

Bar / Bat Mitzvah, alliances, birthdays, pregnancies and especially children

Everything in the magical nature that I love so much, with the most perfect lighting that can be, the sunlight.

Creator in Hebrew and English (mother tongue)

I would love to meet you too and together create exciting and unforgettable experiences!

Hi, my name is Techiya (Plavin) Michalovich,

I have always loved the combination of art and photography which I discovered as a student of film in high school. This inner passion has never subsided.

I successfully completed my studies in Television and Film at the top of my class at the University of Ariel.

I was the director of the most popular film in the 2013 contest "48 hours".

Since my graduation, I have found my destination in life: photography.

My experience in film and editing, led me to discover that working outside, meeting new people and places is where I want to be. At the end of the day, through my special touch using the computer, I can produce the most amazing results !!

I enjoy the interaction with people, instilling excitement in our work together, to capture the finest moments with the camera and most of all, in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

The special connection with my clients facing the lens of the camera, making them feel comfortable and successful is worth every minute of the photo shoot.

I specialize in family events, bar / bat mitzvah, britot, birthdays, family portraits, children and jobs or other portfolios.

Pictures taken in natural settings, with natural light create perfect results.

I work in Hebrew and English (mother tongue).

I will be glad to meet with you to create your next most amazing, exciting events.

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