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"Dear resurrection !!
Thanks for the stunning photos and some more without processing and they are already insane !!!

You are a champion, professional, sensitive .. everything you need to make the event perfect 🙂 Thank you very much !!! "

Liora Berliner

"Yesterday I accompanied my granddaughter to photograph a book for the bat mitzvah.

The photographer was Tehiya Flavin from Elkana.

Beyond the fact that stunning photos came out because of the professionalism of the photographer, the chemistry between Tehiya and the girl was outstanding.

Of course this too was very important to the end result.

These photo hours were an experience for both the girl and the grandmother.

The day after the filming, we received them by e-mail after Tehiya edited and processed them.

There is no one like her !!! "

"Techiya was extremely professional and pleasant to work with. We all had a great time at our family photo session and saw the smiling results of our large group of 20 adults and children in the pictures! I highly recommend Techiya!"

Deena Moher

"Thank you so much for photographing our daughter's alliance!

Throughout the evening you have always had a wide smile

Enormous patience for everyone !!

A nice welcome to anyone who wanted to be photographed.

And especially the crazy professionalism !!

And the result - the quality photos that arrived quickly that the family never ceases to be enthusiastic and flattering !!
Thank you very much for the service and attitude throughout the process - we highly recommend ..

See you soon

Mishpat Rahimi

"You joined us for the bat mitzvah experience of our beloved home, we spent a magical Friday with you, full of joy and beauty, you knew how to reach each of us especially the little ones who really fell in love with you, the smile, the calm, the desire to photograph more and more, to capture every moment, to reach the uniqueness of each of us , All of these created stunning images one by one.
Thanks to you, the bat mitzvah will be a unique event. "

Thank you very much
The Koren family

"A professional photographer with a smile on his face,

Do everything for the children.

Arriving on time with a lot of patience and showing a lot of professionalism.

Before the bat mitzvah Hila took

And took many pictures in the garden and in the pool.

At the bat mitzvah we photographed the children and the family.

Did not miss any picture in the dance,

In food and while making.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts

For all the photography, professionalism and love in your heart. "

In appreciation,

The Berfman family, Oranit

"Stunning life

Thank you so much for the investment from start to finish.

Also for the dedicated and fun service, patience and perfectionism within you and at the end the results of the perfect pictures! We do not stop looking at them;) We really enjoyed with you and thanks to you

We have an amazing souvenir from the Alliance.

Highly recommend! "

"Long live a quality, patient and pleasant photographer!

Smiling, investing and with an amazing approach to children!
We enjoyed you very much today !!!

She photographed with us in Brit ... "

The Brown family

"Live from the first moment it was bingo!

You streamed with the idea and the result is no less stunningly accurate as the original

You bring professionalism

But mostly love for the profession and people

The photos also came out one by one poster
Thank you so much for the investment and the smile

It was a pleasure working with you "

Tamar and the entire Givon family

"Talented like you!
What can I tell you! You'm a magician! With your great talent, you managed to bring out grace and beauty in us
Thank you so much for sending me the resurrection, a faithful message to document the most exciting moments in my life!
Long live thank you, for being you! "

Talia and all the extended Arad family

"Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did at the bar mitzvah!

We really enjoyed your involvement and caring during the event, throughout the day you were with a smile and took pictures

More people and more angles. Did not land for a moment.

We enjoyed the good energies you brought with you that made everyone relaxed and happy.

And above all - we loved your tremendous talent!

You are a gracious photographer!

You have the ability to get the best out of people and places (you managed to get out of us exclamations of admiration from the unedited photos ...).

I have no doubt that we will see you again in the coming joys

And we will be happy to recommend you wholeheartedly and encouragingly!

Thank you for making our event!

We wish you success and many satisfied customers like us! "

Ami and Einat Mizrahi

"Long live we enjoyed very much!

Both from the professionalism, from the pleasant and liberating photography and from the charming photos!

We reserve you for events later :) "

Nava Shapira

"We invited Tehiya to film our sons' alliance.

Long live a highly professional photographer,

Knows how to capture authentic moments.

Has a stunning approach for kids to achieve full collaboration and get maximum quality images.

Highly recommended. "

Aviad and Osnat Brown

"Amazing is the word I have to say after seeing the results.
In a very short decision of family photos and after much searching I found Tehiya.
Since we had not been photographed outside for a very long time, I had a lot of concerns.
But she was there .. to dispel the fear and bring out the best in us and the most exciting moments there are
Thank you very much live. About the amazing pictures "
A good sign family

"Dear resurrection, with patience and forbearance, with a lot of creativity and an in-depth look you have made our summer afternoon an unforgettable experience.

You see, you people understand, what a wonder that such pictures came out

You caught Ofir just the way she is,
You were able to convey the personality and the different layers of her mindset
And perpetuating every kind of smile and look. She came out so beautiful that it is indescribable.
Mostly we had fun and were left with beautiful pictures and a wonderful memory.

Thank you"

"Dear resurrection!

Thank you so much for a rare experience!

You soon enlisted for Bat Mitzvah book photography.

Sensitivity, patience, energy, kindness and of course professionalism.

The pictures are stunning and Maayan enjoyed every moment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! "

Reut Volker

"The amazing resurrection ... a soul-photographer!
Beyond the professional service and the courteous attitude,

Every picture is a gem :)

The work is creative and flowing with customer requests

(This is how I was impressed by her photos)

And high-level image processing!
There is nothing to hesitate about - a rare photographer, at a fair price
And adapted to every pocket, with personal access to each photograph
warmly recommended..."

Noa Tzafrir, actress.

"Dear live!

Better late than never ....

I had a dream to make family photos for the whole family, and thanks to you it came true and far beyond what I expected. The smile, your attitude (especially for the kids), the patience and finally the pictures themselves were above and beyond. Everyone who sees the pictures asks who took the picture. And of course the service and the fact that you made every effort to get the photos to us in the best and fastest way possible. Thank you very much! In Gaza, we will meet happily! "

Hila and Ariel Gisber

"Dear resurrection.

With patience and sensitivity you knew how to take a shy girl and express her character in a professional way. The filming hours were an experience and the result is just perfect.

Thank you!"

Adi Sharon

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