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What to wear for photography

There is something very special about family photos from the past, the nostalgia and the memories, that arise in us from a small moment where we stopped time, flood us and the feeling is just wonderful.

Family photography is something we want to take with us forever so when choosing what to wear on that special day, it is worth planning a bit in advance.

It does not matter in honor of which filming event. Whether it's photos for the holidays or just family photography because you want to preserve those wonderful moments together. You definitely want to show your best.

There are quite a few things to consider when choosing what to wear for your family photo, but there is no real need for a doctoral dissertation here. Just focus on creating a look that unites you all and turns your images into ones that will never be outdated or out of fashion. But most importantly you will wear your love for each other.

Here are some of my guidelines to wear for family photos that will really stay with you forever


We planned in advance

The more time you give yourself to plan in advance what each member of the family will wear, the calmer you will be on the day of the photo shoot.


Suitable, not the same

There is really no need for all family members to wear the same thing, the days when all family members must wear a white shirt have long been behind us, there are colors that go well together,

Just choose 2 main colors and add more soft shades that created the perfect complete look.


  And continues in location

You should not forget the location where you set to be photographed, if you are going to be photographed in the forest or at the beach you will choose colors that will complete the background of the location and not ones that will try to compete with it.

Fishing If we choose to be photographed in the forest, we will try to go for colors that stand out against the green background and the natural brown of the forest, for example, pink, orange, blue, white, purple, red, etc.

Recommends going for as few shades as possible, black gray and brown, the more "alive" the better.

I recommend taking a look at my photo gallery here on the website, pay attention to which photo "pops" in your eye, many times it is thanks to the garment that the person photographed wore ...

And follow the link to the "Pinterest" website and get inspiration and ideas for your photos.


Clothing that is also wearable

It is important that you wear practical, comfortable and of course not transparent clothes, this is true for the whole family but most important if there are small children in the picture.

If it's not comfortable for the little ones, it's probably going to be a very long day for you, their patience is short anyway and yours is not endless, so do not be hard on yourself even if it means giving up this amazing dress that is just uncomfortable for the girl. And when children are uncomfortable, they make sure that the whole environment is aware of it. You are most beautiful when you are comfortable.

You should make sure that the clothing is clean and tidy, without stains and wrinkles. It is not always possible to download everything in editing.

I recommend that before the photo shoot, measure all the clothing you want to bring with you and make sure that everything fits properly.



Accessories can certainly upgrade and create a perfect connection between the look of the whole family, but one should be very careful here and not get carried away into a look laden with accessories where the photographers are simply lost. For example if the eldest son wears a black green plaid shirt the nurse can put on a scarf with a pattern and similar colors and thus create a harmonious look. Consider accessories such as scarves, hats, belts, etc.…



An important and complementary part of the look. It is true that not all photos will show shoes but in some it is preferable to those that blend in with the clothing you have chosen.

It is important to remember to arrive with comfortable shoes that can be changed if necessary and that it will be comfortable to walk to the place of photography.


  Be gentle

Try to avoid clothing specifications that have lots of different patterns, huge prints or dominant logos, they can distract you and just steal the show.


Be classic

Trends come and go, fashions change, but your photos will stay forever. If you want to create a temporary memory,

Choose simple and classic clothes that have created a family portrait that does not depend on time.

Experiment tools

Do you think that you are already completely closed on clothing? There is no good in sight, just spread out the clothes of the whole family on the bed and see if you like the overall picture obtained, so you will get a better perspective on your choice and if it really "goes well" with each other and the perfect time for last changes and make sure we forgot nothing .



Most importantly, I'm here to help!

Put all the sets on the bed, side by side, take a picture and send it to me.

I would love to help and see if the clothing fits together.

Feel free to send me options, ask questions.


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